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Independent HR support for employees.

Caged Bird HR provides employees with access to independent HR Support. Employee can get the information they need from technically sound HR professionals, in a safe, low-risk environment. Part of our service offerings include attorney's they can speak to. That's where you come in.

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average settlement is one year


Highest settlement by an attorney partner for a CBHR client


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You can probably relate to speaking with employees that have not documented anything, raised concerns to HR, or generally do not understand how processes like severance works. We help employee not only develop healthy expectation by educating them on processes, but we also, help them advocate for themselves effectively. That way when they get to you, you have what you need to hit the ground running.

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Trusted by clients across the united states.

Caged Bird HR has become a trusted source for employees. We encourage them to speak to an attorney just to get a legal perspective on their case. This wholistic approach to HR care provides employees with a unique experience with the world of HR.




Caged Bird HR advised me through a very unique professional experience. The outcome landed in my favor and without their knowledge and transparency, I’m not confident I’d have had the same results. They took the time to listen intently and give me factual information. I will keep them on “speed-dial” and share them with all my loved ones navigating the corporate world.



New York

After a single conversation with Caged Bird HR, I felt equipped with a clear understanding of my options and the necessary steps to make a decision that was best for me.




Attentive! Personalized feedback! My consultant made my experience feel less isolating and that I have an ally that will partner with me as I navigate area with my employer.

How it works

Non-Targeted & Targeted Ad options for any budget

There are three different ad plans that correspond to three different portals. Clients will only see one of the three portals depending on their income. Each portal is organized by state so clients can easily find attorneys in their state. This is done automatically, guaranteeing clients see your listing.

What clients see when they log into our portal.

Each plan has a different portal.

Choose a plan that works for you



Shown to all clients earning $80k & below

Basic Profile, website link, jurisdiction



Shown to all clients earning $80-100k

Targeting based on one state of your choice

Enhanced Profile, photo, website link, jurisdiction

Most popular!



Shown to all clients earning $100k & up

Targeting based on one state of your choice

Enhanced Profile, photo, website link, jurisdiction

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yes you may cancel at anytime. You must cancel before the next billing period to avoid being charged again.

Do you provide refunds.

We do not provide refunds.

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