Support your students beyond

the classroom

Unlock endless possibilities for growth by partnering with the first HR services company

to offer employees access to independent HR support, at scale.

Caged Bird HR Education Partnerships

Prepare students for the working world

There are a lot of career prep workshops and trainings out there. But few developed by HR professionals who can prepare students for both the business and social side of corporate america.

Influence corporate policy, with data*

Ever wonder what the experiences of your students are once they are placed? Gain valuable insights into what your alumni are facing and use it to strengthen your relationships and influence corporate policy.

Support students beyond graduation

Provide all graduating seniors with a Caged Bird HR membership, ensuring they have a place to go for support even after graduation.

Improve your partnership offerings*

What if you knew students do better at certain companies than others? Equip your school with the data to influence future partnerships to place students.

Data Package sold separately*

What is Caged Bird HR?

Caged Bird HR is a disruptive HR services company. We are the first to offer employees access to independent HR support, at scale.

Trusted by employees at the biggest brands in the world

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Our customer stories

Trusted by employees across the United States.

Founded in 2022, Caged Bird HR has quickly become a trusted source for employees to get the information they need to advocate for themselves at work and beyond. Today, Caged Bird HR supports employees in 35 states at the biggest brands in the world and virtually every industry.




Caged Bird HR advised me through a very unique professional experience. The outcome landed in my favor and without their knowledge and transparency, I’m not confident I’d have had the same results. They took the time to listen intently and give me factual information. I will keep them on “speed-dial” and share them with all my loved ones navigating the corporate world.



New York

After a single conversation with Caged Bird HR, I felt equipped with a clear understanding of my options and the necessary steps to make a decision that was best for me.




Attentive! Personalized feedback! My consultant made my experience feel less isolating and that I have an ally that will partner with me as I navigate area with my employer.

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