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Helping founders build & scale the business they dreamed of with their people at the center.

Caged Bird HR is a full service HR consulting firm that revolutionizes the way organizations approach HR. With a dedicated focus on putting employees at the forefront, we prioritize their well-being, growth, and development. Our innovative solutions, tailored to your workforce's unique needs, position our clients to win in the talent market place. By embracing this employee-first approach, you can expect increased employee satisfaction, heightened engagement, enhanced productivity, and improved business outcomes. Together, let's create a workplace where employees feel valued, inspired, and empowered to reach their full potential. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey toward an employee-centric future of HR.

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Caged Bird HR's expertise on the dynamics of different organizational structures, employee management, and policies is a breath of fresh air. I hired CBHR to provide technical advisory services on developing an HR infrastructure that is supportive to a diverse company culture. From the first meeting, I was provided guidance on how to navigate complex situations, and recommendations on automation that increased business efficiency and improved my overall mental health and my own experience managing and running a company. I highly recommend working with Cierra as she puts a comprehensive -wholistic approach to every barrier you need to address.


Daphany S.

Executive Director, Kinetic Communities Consulting

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