Cant trust your HR department? Let's talk.

By moving HR support away from the traditional organizational structure,

Caged Bird HR provides a safe and confidential space for employees to get

the information and support they need to be successful at work and beyond.

Can't trust your HR departments? Let's talk...

By moving HR support away from the traditional organizational structure, Caged Bird HR provides a safe and confidential space for employees to get the information and support they need to be successful at work and beyond.

The (many) benefits of independent HR support ...

Insights Your HR Department Won’t Share So You Can Move Forward With Confidence

Actionable Advice That Works, When You Need It

We’re 100% Confidential, So You Can Open Up and Share Your Truth.

"Can an external HR service truly understand my company's unique culture and issues?"

...Believe us...we've heard it all.

While we're not embedded in your company's day-to-day operations, our team is skilled at quickly grasping the nuances of different workplace environments.  After all, every Caged Bird HR consultant is a HR professional with experience working in corporate environments. We've worked with a diverse range of clients, giving us a broad perspective that often reveals insights an in-house team might miss.

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Here to help at every step of the way

Whether you have a quick question or want a dedicated professional by your side, we have several ways to support you

One Hour Consultations

If you have a question, need advice, or simply want to check with a objective professional to make sure you're not crazy. A one time consultation is best for you.


92% of our clients need to speak with a consultant more than once. Which means you likely will too. As a Caged Bird HR member, you will have access to same day appointments, a dedicated HR professional, two calls a month, and 20% off extended support services.

Extended Support Services

Our clients need on average 3.5 months of support. Our extended support services let you relax and let the professionals handle it. We will develop a strategy that works for you, ghost write your emails and educate you on the process before you go through it. Paving way for you to destress.

Our clients love will too.


Caged Bird HR was a guiding light during a time where I didn't know where to go to for help with issues specific to being a person of color in the workplace. She provided me with guidance and resources that have been critical for my situation. I have much gratitude for her and Caged Bird HR. I highly recommend.

- Jessica


Working with Caged Bird HR was a huge help and relief! Not only is she extremely knowledgable and can help you with people skills and legal skills, but she is a great listener and strategic advocate for those sticky work situations. I'll absolutely come back to her every time I find myself needing some guidance.

- Gisela


My consultant was extremely knowledgeable, uplifting and caring. She has wealth of knowledge and her genuine support made me feel so comfortable in sharing things I wasn't so confident in sharing. I will be working with her again soon!

- Christina


I had a great experience with Caged Bird. Not only did my consultant listen to my experience, she gave me different options, a referral and even an email template. I felt truly supported & confident to move forward fully informed. I highly recommend Caged Bird.



Revolutionizing the HR landscape by providing independent HR support to employees and employee-centric HR solutions to companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a consultation?

We charge $150 for a consultation with an HR consultant. During your consultation you can ask the consultant any questions you have. In order to accurately advise you, your consultant may also ask you questions. If we feel you need long term support, we will talk about the service options we have available.

Is this confidential?

All consultants sign NDAs as a condition of employment. To learn more about how we use your data view our privacy policy here.

What kinds of concerns do you help with?

Most of our clients are working through one or more of the following concerns:



Hostile Work Environment

Interpersonal Conflicts



Resume Writing/Editing

Offer Negotiations

Why are the consultations recorded?

Consultations are recorded for internal training purposes only.

Do I have to be in a certain state to receive support?

No, we support clients across the United States.

What if I'm unsure what category my situation falls under?

Feel free to book a consultation. One of our consultants will be able to advise you on how/if we can support you.

Do I have to work in a certain industry to get support?

No. We support clients in all industries, including but not limited to:

Big Tech ( Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc.)

Non Profits


Professional Sports Leagues

Government Agencies




Do you support clients in Europe?

No, we currently support clients all across the United States. We are looking to expand to Canada and the UK soon.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds.

Once I purchase support, how long do I have to use sessions?

This depends on the support you purchase. Please ask a consultant to provide these details.

I need support but can't afford the consultation fee...what can I do?

We are aware that affordability is accessibility and we have created several avenues for you to receive support. You can subscribe to our support library for $19.99 a month. We add new content every month that includes communication templates, quick reference guides, and the playbacks of all our webinars. You can also follow us on social media where we post high value educational content. Finally, you can subscribe to our newsletter were we drop sales exclusively to subscribers.

What's the difference between Caged Bird HR advice and the advice of my friends/family/group chat?

Caged Bird HR consultants are Human Resources professionals with advanced degrees in HR and years of HR experience. We understand how HR works and what they are and are not likely to do. While your friends and family may be advise you based on their personal experiences or stories they have heard worked for others, we are advising you from a place of technical competence and experience.

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