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We're here to share best practices we've learned from years of experience in corporate HR. If you're unemployed or looking to make a career shift we have the following services to support you:

Resume Editing

Get support transforming your resume into a standout document that grabs attention, maximizes impact, and boosts your chances of landing that dream job

Expedited Service

Need a quick turnaround? Book this service If you need your resume in a week!

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Caged Bird HR's consultants are on stand-by to help you review job offers, negotiate your salary, and advise you on best practices to make sure your new employer is worthy of you.

Job Offer Negotiation Support

Negotiating a job offer is hard. Get the help of an HR professional to negotiate your job offer and write your counter offers for you.

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Advancement & Adversity

Trust us...we've seen it all and have actionable advice to make your next move your best move. We offer expert HR advice and the best part... your boss will never know. Our only goal is your success. Period.

Performance Improvement Plan Support

If you've been placed on an performance Improvement plan and need support understanding it, or getting off the plan

HR Investigation Support

Raising a concern or been accused? Work with an CBHR consultant to be prepared for the process, get emails written by professionals, and defend yourself effectively.

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Beyond Employment

Get access to ongoing networking, knowledge, and support to help you navigate the next phase of your career with confidence. Caged Bird HR can help you gain clarity and knowledge paving the way for your future.

Exit Strategy Support

Is it time to move on to better things? Need help opening the severance conversation or advocating for yourself to get the best possible outcome? A CBHR consultant will help you strategize on the right approach to your exit, write your negotiation emails, educate you on the process and help maximize your severance agreement. Learn more here.

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Support Bundles

We have bundled our most popular support services together to provide you seamless service and discounts. Learn more here.

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